World Fertility Day: how we can take care of it

World Fertility Day, which is celebrated on June 4, aims to raise awareness of the importance of the increasing problems associated with infertility that are occurring more and more frequently in our society. What is infertility? Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined as the inability to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 … Read more

ICSI and embryo freezing do not increase congenital anomalies

The prevalence of having a baby with congenital anomalies after in vitro fertilization (IVF), ICSI or cryotransfer of IVF or ICSI embryos has been analyzed in an article by Beltran Anzola et al. published in July 2017. According to WHO, congenital anomalies are “structural or functional abnormalities, such as metabolic disorders, that occur during intrauterine … Read more

Embriogyn, assisted reproduction center with pregnancy rates (audited) above the Spanish average

Embriogyn, member of Top Doctors, is the center of Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis reference in the Tarragona area, sustained for 10 years with values such as patient care, continuous improvement, ethics, empathy and passion for patients and for work. They develop all fertility treatments that currently exist, with the highest level of care and … Read more

Relationship between tobacco, drugs and alcohol with fertility

Tobacco We all know that smoking is bad for our health, including smokers. It can cause cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, among others. But what about fertility? Ginefiv experts explain. In the case of women, they may have problems in: Menstruation Fallopian tubes Cervix Ectopic pregnancies In addition, fertility treatments have worse results in couples … Read more

Fetal Stimulation through Vaginal Music

A recent study conducted by the Institut Marquès, a center of medical excellence and member of Top Doctors, shows that fetuses can hear music through the mother’s vagina from the 16th week. This study has also shown that fetuses hear outside sounds as distorted whispers. This technique brings new and important innovations. In particular, it … Read more

Embriogyn: 10 years fulfilling the dream of being parents

Ten years is a long time. In the case of the Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic Embriogyn, they have given, above all, for many illusions. The first priority in the clinic is the close and familiar treatment but, above all, it transmits the illusion of the professionals who work to respond and make the … Read more

How should we take care of fertility?

June is World Fertility Month and Dr. Elena Santiago, from Clinica Tambre, explains how we should take care of it: which habits are recommendable and which are harmful. She also explains the different important factors to evaluate and the recommended time to see a specialist. Health, the key to fertility Fertility depends on our general … Read more

Pregnancy and Heat: How to Survive High Summer Temperatures

Pregnancy experts review measures to be taken into account so that expectant mothers and their fetuses do not suffer any shocks during the summer. Overcoming the heat during the summer months can be complicated. Even more so for pregnant women, since along with the elderly and children, they are the group most vulnerable to heat … Read more

The importance of Psychology applied to Assisted Reproduction at URH Garcia del Real

Assisted Reproduction is a medical discipline increasingly in demand. The sustained increase in the average age to conceive, coupled with other factors, make more and more people undergo fertility treatment to achieve pregnancy. Many times the different treatments represent a challenge to strength, patience and perseverance and are often experiences that require being psychologically prepared … Read more

The Institut Marquès bets on music to improve In Vitro Fertilization

Musical micro-vibrations facilitate the fertilization of the ovum when it is in the laboratory. This is the first conclusion of the paper Impact of exposure to music during in vitro culture on embryo development presented by the Institut Marquès at the congress of the European Society of Reproduction (ESHRE) in London. It is a work … Read more