What is and what is the cause of the oxidation of the body

Body oxidation is fundamental to life as it is involved in the process of obtaining cellular energy. It is a combined process of electron loss (oxidation) and electron capture (reduction) that transforms the oxygen breathed and the nutrients ingested into the energy necessary for organic functioning. This process produces, in addition to carbon dioxide and … Read more

What is post-Covid or long Covid syndrome

Shortly after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, some patients began to show persistent symptoms after resolution of the acute infection. These clinical manifestations remind us internists of what also occurs in other infections, such as those produced by Epstein-Bar, Coxiella burnetti or Lyme disease, tuberculosis…. In many other infectious diseases the organism undergoes … Read more

Tackling Covid19 infection with confidence

Covid19 infection is a major process that affects multiple organs and systems simultaneously and profoundly. This leads to significant biological wear and tear and consequences that must be managed to avoid sequelae and minimize possible further damage as much as possible. Most frequent symptoms: It is very common to perceive different discomforts after overcoming the … Read more

Disconfinement and exercise in diabetic people: should they take special care or change habits?

In the type 2 diabetic patient, in order to maintain good metabolic control, physical activity is critical, even now, in the deconfinement phase after COVID-19. A sedentary lifestyle, and also being overweight, are two situations that act by blocking the entry of glucose into muscle cells and, as a consequence, if glucose cannot enter the … Read more

Not all weight is fat

Knowing your weight has never been easier. You just step on a scale and get it. However, the result is not always as expected and even less so if we take into account that determining human body weight is actually not that simple. So how can we know the true value of our weight? The … Read more

LIPOSCALE: the advanced test on liproteins

Advances in medicine are taking place by leaps and bounds and one of them is LIPOSCALE, a test that allows an exhaustive analysis of the lipid profile with a blood sample. Until now, the lipid profile was extracted from the information obtained in the analysis as a numerical value of total cholesterol (e.g. 230 mg/dl) … Read more

Everything you should know about Sjögren’s Syndrome

Dryness and joint pains may be due to Sjögren’s Syndrome Sjögren’s syndrome belongs to the group of systemic autoimmune diseases of unknown origin, in which there is an immune alteration, with production of antibodies that attack the patient’s own structures. This disease was described by a Swedish ophthalmologist in 1933, Dr. Sjögren, in women suffering … Read more