New Weapons in the Fight Against Colon Cancer

The new lines of research in the fight against cancer involve personalizing treatment as much as possible based on the analysis of each tumor. This is “personalized medicine”, which gathers all the information on each patient in order to treat them accordingly. In this sense, Dr. Josep Tabernero, Medical Director of the Baselga Oncology Institute, … Read more

Treatments to fight lung cancer

Lung cancer causes one million deaths annually worldwide. In Spain alone, 20,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Its relationship with tobacco is direct: smokers have a risk 20 times higher than people who have never smoked. In early stages the disease is confined to the lung and cure is possible, mainly by surgery and … Read more

Genetic analysis, fighting cancer with an advantage

A genetic blood test can detect the hereditary risk of developing cancer. The test determines whether people are carriers of a genetic alteration related to this disease and, if so, can take preventive measures or early detection. In this article we talk to Dr. BalmaƱa Gelpi about cancer, its origin and the risk factors that … Read more

Precision oncology: search for personalized therapies with better probability of response

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by changes in DNA that control how cells function, especially how they grow and divide. These changes can be inherited but mostly arise randomly during life, as errors occur during cell division or from exposure to external carcinogens that damage DNA. Precision oncology: knowing the genetic mutations in cancer … Read more

How does Covid-19 affect cancer patients?

The current pandemic caused by the coronavirus is affecting both the Spanish population and the rest of the world. But it is worth noting that it is affecting even more those people who, either because of their age or their state of health, are more vulnerable. At the HC Marbella center we find a large … Read more

What is cancer prehabilitation

Cancer prehabilitation is a concept that has become more and more fashionable in recent years. It is the time between cancer diagnosis (biopsy, CT scan, etc.) and the start of active treatment, be it surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is usually a few days and sometimes even a few weeks. It is a time in … Read more

Pancreatic cancer: how to approach it according to the stage of the tumor

Pancreatic cancer usually manifests itself by a specific symptom: jaundice or yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes. Early diagnosis of the disease will allow the tumor to be successfully operated on, which will always depend on the stage of the tumor. Early detection of pancreatic cancer Pancreatic cancer is usually detected when a patient … Read more

Possible success of cancer immunotherapy through intestinal bacteria

Immunotherapy is one avenue of cancer treatment that is working for many patients, but not for others. Medical Oncology specialists still do not know why. Study of the microbiome as an anticancer response Researchers collected oral and gut (fecal) microbiome samples from 233 patients with advanced melanoma at the start of their therapy. Among these … Read more