Pilates and physiotherapy: a beneficial combination for health

Pilates exercises provide many benefits for health problems. For this reason, combined with physiotherapy, this sport is a perfect therapeutic complement for the treatment of different injuries or pathologies. Practicing Pilates during pregnancy When a woman is pregnant, it is highly recommended to practice Pilates. In fact, it is important for pregnant women to exercise … Read more

Aesthetic Physiotherapy after Lifting

The facelift is a cosmetic surgery operation whose purpose is the disappearance or attenuation of wrinkles that appear on the face. The intervention consists of making a series of incisions behind the ear and scalp, then stretching the skin of the face until no wrinkles are observed, and finally proceeding to suture in the place … Read more

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is an advanced massage therapy technique used in physiotherapy and aesthetics. Its purpose is the manual activation of the superficial lymphatic system in order to facilitate the drainage of interstitial fluid and lymph, stagnant for any pathological cause, to healthy lymphatic territories for normal evacuation into the venous stream. This prevents their … Read more

Advantages of Intermittent Negative Pressure Therapy (INPT)

Intermittent Negative Pressure Therapy (INPT) is a non-invasive method that is performed through a machine, called VACU, which is responsible for the recovery and rehabilitation of the area to be treated through cardiovascular stimulation and improved blood circulation. It works by alternating the vacuum, combining two phases. It begins by applying negative pressure (capillary dilation) … Read more

What is upper limb lymphedema and the effects of the Punch Tape for its treatment

The lymphatic system has, among its main functions, the transport of fluids from the tissues, about 2 liters in normal conditions, and can reach up to 20 in extreme conditions, such as during the treatment of postmastectomy lymphedema counting the effects of Punch Tape. Other functions of the lymphatic system also include immune protection, as … Read more

Do you know obstetric and urogynecologic physiotherapy?

Obstetric and urogynaecological physiotherapy is the field of physiotherapy specialized in pathologies coming from obstetric and/or urogynaecological causes. To perform this type of rehabilitation, the physiotherapist must be specialized and qualified. The type of treatment goes from prevention to recovery. We work with both male and female pathologies. Although incontinence and all its variables are … Read more

What is cryotherapy?

The application of cold to a body region is known as cryotherapy, which is a technique commonly used for its strong anti-inflammatory effects, and is commonly used by physical therapists. Cryotherapy causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels, decrease in vessel diameter) which immediately leads to reflex vasodilation (increase in blood vessel diameter). This process activates … Read more

Godoy Method, the lymphedema revolution

According to specialists in Physiotherapy, 4% of the Spanish population suffers from lymphedema, that is, a pathology that involves a failure or insufficiency in the lymphatic system. However, much is unknown about the disease and the treatment indicated for each patient. Thanks to daily research into this disease, there are methods that achieve normalization of … Read more

Breast cancer: what post-surgical complications are there?

Breast cancer is one of the most influential diseases in women’s health. After its diagnosis and intervention, some collateral damages occur due to the interventions and as a consequence of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. 1. Pain: After the psychological and traumatic process of the patient, it is a fundamental pillar to recover from her breast … Read more