Some factors that condition living longer and better

We all yearn to live longer and better, there are determining factors that condition living more or less years, as well as having a more or less full life. From the experience we have in the research of communities with a higher percentage of long-lived people, there is not a common and responsible factor in … Read more

Metabolism study: the best treatment for weight loss

Excess body fat is one of the medium and long-term causes of morbidity and mortality. It causes cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and even cancer, as well as playing an important role in joint pain and early aging. Mitochondria in the functioning of metabolism The amount of calories needed for each person and the type of … Read more

Personalized metabolic study, the best way to lose weight

Obesity and overweight can have a negative influence on health, due to the complications that accompany them. The Nutrition and Antiaging Unit aims to reduce body fat and improve associated diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain or lack of energy, improving the patient’s quality of life and life expectancy. Weight loss treatments … Read more

Metabolism Study

What is the metabolic study? The metabolic study is a set of tests that allow the patient to have a detailed analysis of the degree of fat infiltration in the cells of the body, as well as their location. It also serves to calculate the basal metabolism and energy expenditure at rest, according to the … Read more