World AIDS Day(WAD)

December 1st is World AIDS Day. AIDS is the most acute phase of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, which attacks the immune system of the affected person, the body’s basic and fundamental defense against various infectious agents. Dr. Gerardo Ventura Serrano, specialist in Gynecology and member of Top Doctors, explains several factors to take … Read more

Hypertension affects 40% of adult Spaniards

Hypertension affects 40% of Spanish adults, according to data from the Spanish Society of Hypertension. Currently, this disease ranks first among the 25 most frequent health problems in people over 65 years of age and affects 50% of this population group. In order to know how to prevent and treat this pathology, we have counted … Read more

Don’t get sunburned initiative kicks off

On May 9, the project launched by Clínica Dermatológica Internacional to prevent skin cancer in adults was launched at the Colegio La Salle Maravillas. This is a pioneering initiative in which this school has become the first in Spain to have dispensers and free photoprotectors for children, in addition to offering an educational program aimed … Read more

Am I epileptic, doctor? No, you have epilepsy

Today marks National Epilepsy Day, a disorder caused by an imbalance in the electrical activity of neurons. It is characterized by neurological disorders that leave a predisposition in the brain to recurrent epileptic seizures (which may or may not be convulsive, depending on the type) that result in neurological and psychological consequences, with changes in … Read more

Do you know how to calm your anxiety?

Anxiety is an alert system that is triggered by situations interpreted as threatening, i.e. situations that may pose a challenge, threat or loss (real or imagined). Depending on the nature of the situation, anxiety will prepare us to fight, flee or activate submissive behaviors. Psychologists Silvia Cámara and Verónica Rubio, from the Neurological Sciences Unit, … Read more

Spain is the ninth country with the highest number of smokers in the European Union

Tobacco is responsible for almost 90% of lung cancer cases. The effects of quitting smoking begin only 8 hours after the last cigarette. Smoking is an addictive, relapsing and chronic disease that affects one third of the world’s population. Dr. Esteban Calvo, a pulmonologist at the Resadur Medical Center, explains that it is the world’s … Read more

Assisted Reproduction in Homosexual Women

In the field of assisted reproduction legislation, we can consider Spanish society as one of the most open and respectful with the sexual condition of each person. “Any woman over 18 years of age and with full capacity to act may be a recipient or user of the techniques regulated in this Law, provided that … Read more

Myths and taboos of sexuality

A taboo is a behavior or practice that is vetoed or frowned upon by society. Is sex taboo? On European Sexual Health Day, Dr. Mariano Rosselló Barbará, Director of the Institute of Sexual Medicine, answers this and other questions about sexuality. Surely nowadays sex is no longer taboo in most social groups but it clearly … Read more

Relationship between tobacco, drugs and alcohol with fertility

Tobacco We all know that smoking is bad for our health, including smokers. It can cause cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, among others. But what about fertility? Ginefiv experts explain. In the case of women, they may have problems in: Menstruation Fallopian tubes Cervix Ectopic pregnancies In addition, fertility treatments have worse results in couples … Read more