Workplace bullying: what are the warning signs

Having a bad time to the point of not wanting to go to work, feeling anguish or presenting physical symptoms such as headaches. Avoiding certain work situations such as meetings or presentations, ending up socially isolated. Feeling unwell and that this discomfort conditions other areas of life. Suffering sleep problems or emotional instability. Feeling sad, … Read more

Why is child psychotherapy performed

Child psychotherapy is aimed at achieving psychoemotional well-being in children. Childhood is a particularly sensitive and important stage in our personal development, children are vulnerable and dependent on the adults around them, so we must pay attention to their emotional health. Detecting possible problems and treating them at an early age will help them to … Read more

How can we cope with agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by fear or panic in situations or places where the person perceives that he/she may suffer an anxiety attack, where it is difficult to escape or where help may not be available, and avoidance of those places or situations. In the agoraphobia it ends up generating “fear to be … Read more

What is online psychotherapy?

With the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, we have been forced to adapt to the circumstances and leave our routine aside to confine ourselves at home for a long period of time. Due to the high risk of infection, professionals have had to close practices and cancel thousands of appointments. But thanks to … Read more

Coronavirus: the theory of the fear of running out

Why are compulsive purchases being made in supermarkets? On a psychological level we observe that fear is being generated, especially of the unknown. With the arrival of the Coronavirus, also called coronavirus, the authorities have asked people to stay at home for at least 15 days. That is when there is a concern to prepare … Read more

What is psychological trauma

Etymologically, the word trauma derives from Greek and means wound. Taking as a reference Pierre Janet (1859-1947 Paris), a French philosopher, psychologist and neurologist who made important contributions to the modern study of mental disorders, we would define psychological trauma as “the result of exposure to a stressful and unavoidable event that overwhelms the person’s … Read more

5 keys to not procrastinate

To make sure that a goal does not get stuck in our agenda and lose the sense it had initially, a very effective method is to ask ourselves five questions that will work as keys to increase the chances of success. To better understand how this technique works, we will take as a practical example … Read more

Understanding Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is an activity that manages to definitively change discomfort into well-being. It is based on the use of the word and only two people participate: the analyst or person being psychoanalyzed and the analyst or person already analyzed. Psychoanalysis is a modern and current technique, highly effective and fast, and can be performed in … Read more

How do happy people make it to be happy?

Actually, it is impossible for a person to be happy all the time. Both good and bad things happen to everyone, even the most optimistic people. Happy people are not happy because they ignore reality and refuse to accept negativity. It is a mistake to think that these people are happy because they have fewer … Read more