Cancer Patient Care

An oncology patient is a person who has suffered or is suffering from cancer. Each year there are about 225,000 new cases of cancer. This disease is accompanied by an important emotional burden due to the uncertainty of its evolution, the side effects, the change in daily life and its symptoms. For these reasons, cancer … Read more

When to use a Home Physician?

Home Medicine is a medical service designed for those people who, due to their situation or circumstances, require quality medical care in their own home. It offers a comprehensive view of their health, guaranteeing continuity of care during the care process by qualified and experienced professionals. Home doctor A home doctor is a specialist who … Read more

Side effects of chemotherapy

The side effects of chemotherapy are very varied and, moreover, depend on the drug received, the dose used and the tolerance of the recipient himself, his general state of health. In fact, side effects may vary among patients receiving the same treatment. Among the most frequent are the following: Gastrointestinal toxicity: nausea and vomiting, diarrhea … Read more

What chronic diseases can be cared for at home?

The home medical care service for patients with advanced chronic diseases aims to provide personalized medical care tailored to the needs of patients at all times, always at home with the visit of a doctor at home, thus avoiding travel and hospital admissions. For whom is the home health care service intended? The home medical … Read more