Vasectomy, an irreversible method

Vasectomy is a definitive and safe surgical practice. That is why patients must be well-informed people, who have previously undergone a blood test in which coagulation is studied, and who do not have any type of circumstantial conditioning that would force them to make a hasty decision which, as a definitive method, could lead to … Read more

The revolution of robotic surgery in urology

Robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery, more commonly known as robotic surgery, is an evolution of laparoscopic surgery. Like laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery is performed through small skin incisions of between five and ten millimeters through which we introduce the operating and vision instruments. The great advantage of these approaches lies in the fact that it allows us … Read more

Prostate Biopsy with Histoscanning

When is it recommended to perform a biopsy? Prostate biopsy is the removal of a sample of prostate tissue for analysis. It is recommended if abnormalities are observed during a digital rectal examination or if there are elevated values of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood. The aim is to detect early any evidence … Read more

Urinary incontinence: what it is, types and treatment

Why does urinary incontinence occur? Urinary incontinence is a disease of high prevalence, which can affect even more than 20% of women in our country. In men, it is somewhat lower but there is also a prevalence of over 5% or 6% depending on the pathology present in the male. Generally the most frequent urinary … Read more

Dietary Recommendations in Prostate Cancer

What foods should prostate cancer patients avoid? There are a number of foods that are not recommended for prostate cancer patients. In this regard, Urology specialists advise avoiding or reducing the consumption of the following foods: It is advisable to reduce or avoid the consumption of white or brown sugar, honey, sweets or candies, among … Read more

Treatments for male urinary incontinence

What are the solutions for male urinary incontinence, Dr. Rodriguez? For mild to moderate leaks, the solution is to place a “sling” under the urethra to return the urethra to its original position. When the leaks are severe, with losses that can reach several hundred milliliters per day, the most effective solution is the placement … Read more

The benefits of pomegranate juice in cancer

The multiple therapeutic properties of pomegranate are no secret, but it is only 10 years since this fruit has been experimented with to analyze its usefulness in the treatment of cancer cells. Its high polyphenol content could have anti-tumor qualities; clinical studies are currently being conducted on prostate cancer patients to find out the effects … Read more

Male urinary incontinence (MUR)

What is urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary loss of urine and occurs in both men and women. Is urinary incontinence common in men? Although it is a much more common problem in women, one in four cases of urinary incontinence occurs in men. What is the cause of urine leakage in … Read more