Childhood Teeth Stages and Care

Childhood is a stage of growth and development that can determine the pathologies that will occur in adult life. Therefore, pediatric dentistry focuses on the monitoring and treatment of dental health during childhood and adolescence, preventing in turn the creation of oral problems in adulthood. You can actually start monitoring oral health soon after birth, … Read more

Bruxism and headache, a functional problem of the mouth

Do you suffer from headaches? You may be suffering from a functional mouth problem. Bruxism consists of clenching and rubbing your teeth during the day or at night. Among the functions of the mouth are chewing, drinking, speaking, laughing, tasting, kissing, sucking. All of these involve a muscular, skeletal, articular, vascular and nervous system. But … Read more

At what age is braces recommended?

It is common to ask yourself at what age you can start putting braces on children and start orthodontic treatment for your children. This will depend on the clinical situation of each patient. It is essential to have the first orthodontic check-up at around 6 years of age, as recommended by various scientific societies such … Read more

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a professional who deals with gum-related diseases and works to give patients the opportunity to enjoy a healthier mouth. His goal is to take care of our gums and keep them in good condition. If you feel tenderness in your gums or even bleeding, you should see a specialist to avoid running … Read more

Tooth decay: an all too common condition

Dental caries is all too common. Rushing, bad meals, lack of hygiene or even stress are conducive to the appearance of these problems in our mouths. The problem with this fact is that cavities are the beginning of major problems such as root canals or extreme sensitivities in the dentition. What is dental caries? The … Read more

The Technological Future of Dentistry

Dentistry has already made the leap into the digital era. We have gone from making impressions of the mouth, models with alginates, silicones, casting with casts… to a digital scanning of the record taking with a scanner. Radiological diagnosis used to be based on conventional radiographs with developed images, but now it has become a … Read more

Relationship between diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease

A risk factor for gingivitis and periodontitis is diabetes mellitus. Several studies conclude that glycemic control in diabetic disease is a variable in the onset and progression of periodontal disease. The patient’s immunoinflammatory response influences the prevalence and severity of periodontitis, rather than the pathogenic bacteria present. Diabetic patients have altered function of some immune … Read more

The tongue, a mirror of the body

The tongue is an organ of great importance that allows us to perform different essential actions in our daily life: tasting, eating, swallowing and speaking… The problem is that it is not exempt from suffering from some kind of pathology. What types of tongue pathologies exist? The tongue is very susceptible to alterations, the vast … Read more