Oncologic hyperthermia, the fourth pillar in the fight against cancer

Scientific advances have considerably improved the results obtained both in terms of survival and quality of life of cancer patients. Chemotherapy has been refining its effects, so that the dreaded side effects are being alleviated more and more effectively. In relation to radiotherapy, technological advances make it possible to concentrate treatment sessions in fewer sessions … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about Mammography

What is mammography? Mammography is a diagnostic imaging technique that consists of the radiological examination of the breast using low energy X-rays, obtaining a radiographic image of the breast, which is used for the diagnosis of breast diseases, and in a special way, for the early detection of breast cancer, i.e. for the diagnosis of … Read more

Sarcoma: What is it, how is it diagnosed and what treatments are available?

Sarcoma are malignant tumors or cancers. They owe their name to the Greek root “sarcos”, meaning “flesh” and “oma”, meaning “tumor”. Therefore, their origin is in the supporting and filling tissues (soft tissues), such as bones, muscles, fibers and fat. Because of this, they may behave a little differently from common cancers. For example, they … Read more