5 frequently asked questions about ankle sprains

Ankle sprain is one of the first causes of emergency room visits, both in the athlete and in the sedentary patient. It occurs in the context of a fall or trauma to the ankle, injuring the lateral ligamentous complex that connects the fibula to the talus and calcaneus. How do they normally occur? Usually the … Read more

Aspects to be considered in COVID-19

Why is confinement important? I think that Spaniards, in general, and Santa Pola people, in particular, are doing well by staying at home, since without this measure the rate of contagion would increase a lot and the health system would be saturated. The data show us the importance of the confinement: From March 8, a … Read more

Minimally Invasive Technique for Hip Replacement

What is the minimally invasive technique for hip replacement? It is a new surgical approach for the placement of hip prosthesis and the technique is known as “Direct Superior Approach”, it consists of a much more conservative intervention than the traditional placement of prosthesis that carries fewer complications, such as dislocation of the prosthesis after … Read more

What is a dislocated shoulder

A shoulder dislocation is what occurs when we colloquially say that the shoulder has “popped out of place” due to major trauma. Fig 1: left: dislocated shoulder. Right: shoulder in place Due to the rupture of the ligaments, the head of the humerus “pops out” and is no longer in contact with the glenoid (the … Read more

When is it necessary to place a hip prosthesis

The hip prosthesis is a series of pieces of noble metals (titanium and other alloys) whose purpose is to replace the joint or damaged sections of the same, getting rid of pain and improve mobility. In which cases is it indicated? In patients who do not experience substantial improvement with other treatments such as anti-inflammatory … Read more

Knee dislocation, why does it occur

What is knee dislocation? It is a problem in the knee in which the patella (bone that we feel in the front part of the knee) is displaced and does not maintain its correct position (dislocation). Normally it is displaced towards the external zone of the knee. In addition it can be recurrent, that is … Read more

Hip prosthesis, an individualized intervention

Hip replacement is a procedure that is being performed more and more often, due to the increasing age of the population and the reasonable demand for quality of life by patients. This improvement responds to the fact that patients of a certain age still have a very active life that they do not want to … Read more

How to Diagnose and Treat Discoid Meniscus Anomaly

Discoid meniscus is an abnormality in the shape of the meniscus. Normally, the meniscus is shaped like a crescent, and in this entity the meniscus is shaped like a disc. Causes of discoid meniscus The specific causes are not clear. In fact, there are different theories that are based on an alteration during the development … Read more

Specialization in foot and ankle pathologies

ClĂ­nica Corachan has an orthopedic surgery and traumatology service -Lenox Corachan Traumatology- integrated by specialists in each anatomical region of the locomotor apparatus that constitute different units. The specialization of the professionals has contributed to significantly improve the results of the surgery of skeletal injuries, while minimizing the risks and complications that these could pose … Read more