Amniocentesis, when is it performed and what are the risks

Amniocentesis is an invasive prenatal diagnostic technique by which a small amount of amniotic fluid is extracted from the gestational sac, with which it is possible to perform certain studies. It is performed through the mother’s abdomen, without the need for anesthesia, using a fine needle and under ultrasound control (in this way the fetus … Read more

The objectives of an amniocentesis

What is amniocentesis performed for? The word amniocentesis simply means the removal of amniotic fluid. In the same way that when we draw blood from a vein in an arm we can do multiple studies on that blood, we can do the same with amniotic fluid. But the reality is that amniocentesis is mainly performed … Read more

What techniques does Assisted Reproduction use?

In Assisted Reproduction, different techniques are used to promote pregnancy in case there are fertility problems in the couple or for women facing motherhood individually. Stimulation of follicular maturation Also known as ovarian stimulation or ovulation induction, this is a technique used to administer medication to a woman so that her ovaries produce mature eggs. … Read more

Infertility is a couple’s problem

Infertility is a problem that has been increasing over the years due to various factors such as delayed childbearing for professional reasons, stress, pollution, pesticides, radiation, drug use…. This, in turn, has made assisted reproduction one of the most avant-garde branches of medicine and one of the most advanced in recent years. The main key … Read more

Fertility preservation, the best techniques

Has infertility increased in recent years in Spain? Yes, we can answer quite confidently that in absolute terms there has been an increase in infertility in Spain for various reasons, but from my point of view the most important one is determined by our demographic trends, which are well known. Fundamentally, the progressive aging of … Read more

Artificial insemination success

Artificial insemination is one of the simplest techniques performed in an infertility clinic. It also offers fairly high pregnancy rates. Artificial insemination can be performed with the couple’s own sperm or with donor sperm. What is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination consists of depositing in the woman’s uterus at the moment of ovulation a semen sample … Read more

What is 4D Ultrasound

What is 4-D ultrasound? Ultrasound in general is a diagnostic technique developed since 1980. At the beginning, only 2D ultrasound was used, that is to say, two-dimensional, and of course the images obtained were simple spots that were difficult to interpret and had practically no meaning for the patient. Technology rapidly evolved and this ultrasound … Read more