Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginismus

Diagnosis of vaginismus is made by external examination, abdominal or intravaginal ultrasound and MRI, among other techniques. If a pelvic examination is performed it may reveal contracture of the perineal musculature and levator ani muscles with adduction of the muscles. Treatment of vaginismus Functional dyspareunia can be treated with counseling and psychotherapy. If the patient … Read more

Hyaluronic Acid, Vaginal Dryness Solution

Women frequently suffer from a discomfort that affects their quality of life as well as their intimacy with their partner. This is vaginal dryness, something that can manifest itself at any age, being more frequent in the peri- or post-menopausal age, and is usually accompanied by itching, irritation, itching, sensitivity and inflammation in the vaginal … Read more

How to get rid of skin spots after summer

Summer brings a lot of sun exposure, so it is not uncommon for skin spots to appear after the vacations. Over the years, sun exposure and age make spots more frequent. Skin of a certain age has more difficulty regenerating and recovering, which means that older people have more sun spots on their skin. These … Read more

Bio-filling, alternative to the operating room for facial rejuvenation

Stem cells are an effective treatment for facial rejuvenation, something that represents a great advance in aesthetics and beauty. If stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own adipose tissue, volumes lost due to aging will be replaced, contributing to restore the dermis from the innermost cells. What does Bio-Filling consist of? This non-surgical treatment … Read more

How to remedy skin blemishes

The sun is one of the main factors that influence the appearance of spots and imperfections on the skin. As the tanning process fades, they become more visible, especially on the face, hands, cleavage and shoulders, which are usually the areas that suffer the most from the effects of the sun’s rays. Dr. Adriana RibĂ©, … Read more