Uses of Endoscopy to Treat Obesity

Digestive endoscopy is a medical discipline that allows us to explore the digestive tract. At the same time it is possible to perform therapeutic treatments through endoscopes. The main applications of digestive endoscopy are the prevention of colon cancer and the treatment of precancerous lesions. Application of digestive endoscopy in obesity Bariatric endoscopy is the … Read more

Integrative Oncology, a more holistic approach for cancer patients

Integrative oncology or integrative cancer medicine is a medical discipline that, while respecting conventional treatments, provides complementary treatment to help the patient overcome the disease, i.e. it treats the patient as a whole. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a hard blow and many patients focus all their energies to get the best treatment. It … Read more

ADHD: importance of a correct diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment

Dr. Casaprima, a specialist in Family Medicine, explains in the following article the importance of correctly diagnosing cases of possible ADHD. Rushing into an erroneous diagnosis can undermine the child’s life, behavior and school success or failure. Attention difficulties, or patients already diagnosed with ADHD, are frequently received in consultations. Although it is increasingly occurring … Read more

Homeopathy: a therapy that generates controversy

Homeopathy is one of the most controversial topics in the world of medicine. Although it is not something new, in recent years the controversy surrounding it has grown due to political issues. However, the European Commission maintains that European regulations establish that homeopathic preparations are medicinal products. In the same vein, the European Committee for … Read more

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy consists in the application of a mixture of oxygen and medical ozone in the body for the treatment of multiple diseases. What does the treatment consist of? There are different ways of administration: Paravertebral route: canal stenosis, low back pain, sciatica, radiculopathies, cauda equina syndrome, osteoarthritis and other degenerative problems of the spine, … Read more

Slimming for spring: 4-month balloon

The beginning of the year has always been characterized as a key date for those people who have set out to lose a few kilos or who, with the Christmas holidays, have put on a few extra pounds and the scales show a result that is not very flattering for their mood. Common mistakes when … Read more