School Day of Nonviolence and Peace

The School Day of Nonviolence and Peace (DMNYP) is a non-governmental educational day that began to be celebrated in Spain in 1964 due to the Majorcan poet and pacifist Llorenç Vidal as a starting point and support for a non-violent and pacifist education that is celebrated every January 30, coinciding with the day of the … Read more

The Antolí-Candela ENT Institute successfully renews its tenth Course on Direct Middle Ear Surgery

Last weekend took place the Middle Ear Live Surgery Course organized by HM Hospitales and the Antolí-Candela ENT Institute, member of Top Doctors. The course of Live Middle Ear Surgery aims to expose the surgical procedures in a didactic way and with examples of cases operated during the course. In this way, attendees are offered … Read more

The benefits of the INDIBA technique in the pre and postoperative period

INDIBA is the technology that allows to emit a unique radiofrequency called Proinic. This radiofrequency increases the temperature in different areas of the body. This temperature increase is done in a safe and gradual way, triggering a biological response. This athermic and thermal action helps the human body to regenerate tissue, but always respecting cellular … Read more

Physiotherapists Minaya and Valera present the book Advanced Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine & Physiotherapy on December 3rd

Next Thursday, December 3, physiotherapists Fermín Valera and Francisco Minaya, members of Top Doctors, will present Advanced Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine & Physiotherapy, one of the first works of research in physiotherapy to be translated into English for international export. The event will take place at the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of Madrid at 7:30 … Read more

Am I epileptic, doctor? No, you have epilepsy

Today marks National Epilepsy Day, a disorder caused by an imbalance in the electrical activity of neurons. It is characterized by neurological disorders that leave a predisposition in the brain to recurrent epileptic seizures (which may or may not be convulsive, depending on the type) that result in neurological and psychological consequences, with changes in … Read more

Do you know how to calm your anxiety?

Anxiety is an alert system that is triggered by situations interpreted as threatening, i.e. situations that may pose a challenge, threat or loss (real or imagined). Depending on the nature of the situation, anxiety will prepare us to fight, flee or activate submissive behaviors. Psychologists Silvia Cámara and Verónica Rubio, from the Neurological Sciences Unit, … Read more

Myths and taboos of sexuality

A taboo is a behavior or practice that is vetoed or frowned upon by society. Is sex taboo? On European Sexual Health Day, Dr. Mariano Rosselló Barbará, Director of the Institute of Sexual Medicine, answers this and other questions about sexuality. Surely nowadays sex is no longer taboo in most social groups but it clearly … Read more

World Day of Arterial Hypertension, the silent epidemic of the 21st century

Today is World High Blood Pressure (HBP) Day, a pathology that affects one in three adults worldwide -some one billion people- and increases the risk of suffering cerebrovascular or heart disease, such as stroke and myocardial infarction, and kidney failure. It is estimated that 17.3 million people died in 2008 from cardiovascular disease. Also known … Read more

This May is European Brain Month

The European Commission has declared this May 2013, European Brain Month. This has been decided because neuroscience research is one of the most prominent European challenges. In recent decades, great progress has been made in brain research. However, there is still much to be learned in brain research, which is why the European Commission has … Read more

A gene responsible for panic disorder

Panic is extreme fear, the terror caused by the threat of imminent danger. Panic is contagious and there are even people who suffer from it frequently. This is known as panic disorder. They feel attacks of fear constantly and suddenly. It is an anxiety disorder that has its origin in the patient’s genetics. Although factors … Read more