Physiotherapists Minaya and Valera present the book Advanced Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine & Physiotherapy on December 3rd

Next Thursday, December 3, physiotherapists Fermín Valera and Francisco Minaya, members of Top Doctors, will present Advanced Techniques in Musculoskeletal Medicine & Physiotherapy, one of the first works of research in physiotherapy to be translated into English for international export. The event will take place at the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of Madrid at 7:30 … Read more

Godoy Method to treat Lymphedema after summer

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that requires continuous treatment and follow-up, something that is more complicated during the summer months. The main factors that complicate the process are: Due to the high temperatures (heat is an enemy of Lymphedema), these are the months when we should take the most care of our affected part, which … Read more

Physiotherapist Curro Millán brings intensive lymphedema treatment to Barcelona

Now you can also find the intensive treatment for lymphedema using the Godoy Method at Clinica Planas, in the hands of Curro Millán, director of the Instituto Fisiomédico with more than 10 years of experience in physiotherapy and member of Top Doctors. This novel treatment for lymphedema is implemented at the Instituto Fisiomédico in Madrid, … Read more

15th Anniversary of the Fidoos Clinic

The Fidoos Clinic of Physiotherapy and Podiatry is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The center has been offering multiple physiotherapy and podiatry services for more than a decade, always with a professional, friendly and close service. During these years numerous individualized and high quality treatments have been performed, taking into account the requirements or pathologies of … Read more

June 21: World ALS Day

As every year, June 21 marks World Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Day, a date dedicated to remembering and giving a voice to those who struggle with the silent disease. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neuromuscular disease in which the motor nerve cells of the brain, brainstem and medulla are affected. Thus, these motor neurons, which … Read more

World Day for Neuromuscular Diseases

Today, November 15, is World Day for Neuromuscular Diseases, chronic diseases that cause great disability, loss of personal autonomy and psychosocial burdens. These pathologies, known as “rare diseases”, affect more than 60,000 people in Spain, according to data from the Spanish Federation of Neuromuscular Diseases (ASEM). Neuromuscular diseases are a group of more than 150 … Read more