World Fertility Day: how we can take care of it

World Fertility Day, which is celebrated on June 4, aims to raise awareness of the importance of the increasing problems associated with infertility that are occurring more and more frequently in our society. What is infertility? Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined as the inability to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 … Read more

How should we take care of fertility?

June is World Fertility Month and Dr. Elena Santiago, from Clinica Tambre, explains how we should take care of it: which habits are recommendable and which are harmful. She also explains the different important factors to evaluate and the recommended time to see a specialist. Health, the key to fertility Fertility depends on our general … Read more

How can I get pregnant with Assisted Reproduction

There are many factors that affect fertility in both men and women. From lifestyle and dietary habits, to age and genetics, to environmental pollution or day-to-day stress. Thus, many have not been able to become parents after trying for a year, which may mean that there are fertility problems in one or both partners and … Read more

Influence of overweight on fertility

The latest study carried out by Ginefiv, entitled Women’s Fertility Knowledge and Habits, concludes that a balanced diet and the intake of certain foods are essential to ensure good reproductive health and thus improve ovarian response. However, although there is an awareness of the need to take care of food as part of good health … Read more

Celebration of Embriogyn’s 10th anniversary with professional colleagues

The best gynecologists and reproductive experts gathered at Casa Joan Miret in Tarragona to commemorate 10 years of Embriogyn dedicated to Assisted Reproduction and Prenatal Diagnosis. The event served to celebrate with the medical sector the excellence of the Embriogyn center for a decade in making the desire of many people to have a child … Read more