Breast Health: prevention of breast cancer

In Gynecology and Obstetrics we understand Breast Health as the awareness of the basic measures to know the normal state of the breast and thus be able to perform the recognition of the minimum alteration that may appear.

These examinations allow us to detect breast cancer early. The woman should be aware of how she looks, how she feels and the changes that the breasts undergo during the hormonal cycle. In this way, minimal non-physiological changes can be detected and an early consultation with a gynecologist can be made.

Frequency of check-ups

It is advisable to check the breasts at least once a month or as often as the woman deems appropriate. During the shower, the breasts can be observed in a mirror from different angles.

A gynecologist is the one who should perform the revisions at least once a year. In the revisions, inspection and palpation of the breasts will be performed and, if the appropriate equipment is available, ultrasound examination, which provides high quality information for the diagnosis of small benign and malignant lesions.

The annual revision allows the detection of evolutionary physiological alterations of the breasts. Among the benign pathologies we find fibrocystic breast mastopathy, fibroadenomas and simple breast cysts. The detection of malignant pathologies is also performed.

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