Design your ideal smile!

What is Digital Smile Analysis?

The Digital Smile Analysis or Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment indicated to improve the aesthetics of the smile. More and more patients are interested and, from Clínica Curull, we evaluate each case individually so that the result is as natural as possible.

Through a series of photographs of the mouth and face, together with a video of the patient talking and smiling, we can design, using specific software, what would be the ideal dental treatment to improve your smile.

In order for the result of the esthetic treatment to be as natural as possible, it is necessary to personalize it in a very meticulous way. Not all people are the same, nor do they smile the same, nor is the shape of their lips the same… Thanks to Digital Smile Analysis, we tailor a treatment for each mouth and each person, taking into account the way they smile, the size of their face, their nose, their eyes, their facial gestures, etc.

What are the results of DSD?

Whatever the dental aesthetic treatment, whether it is orthodontics, whitening or ceramic veneers, it will be perfectly planned before starting.

By means of Digital Smile Analysis (DSD) we are able to visualize, both ourselves and the patient, what the final result will be and we can make the necessary modifications to obtain the expected result. Once the ideal smile has been designed, we will start with the dental treatment.

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In which cases is it indicated?

At Clínica Curull we perform the Digital Smile Analysis to all patients who need an aesthetic treatment, that is, to those who are going to change the appearance of their smile, because we will treat the teeth that they show when smiling or speaking.

With this software we are able to design the ideal shape and size of the teeth, their color and position. The patient will see it on the computer and we will also be able to try it in his mouth by means of a “mock up” or mock up before starting the dental treatment.

For more information about Digital Smile Analysis, contact a dental specialist.