A beauty flash for Valentine’s Day

Dr. Adriana Ribé, dermatopathologist and Director of Ribe Clinic, offers for this Valentine’s Day the “Photomask & LEDS” treatment. It is an exclusive treatment that revitalizes and illuminates the skin instantly with only a 30-minute session.

The treatment consists of the application of a peeling mask (which is used to remove dead cells from the epidermis) and the subsequent use of LEDS (low power laser), which gives the skin more firmness, luminosity and visibly reduces wrinkles. It consists of two steps:

1- The peeling mask, which contains:

– Adenosine triphosphate: is an energizer that restores and maintains the natural reserves of ATP (a molecule used to obtain cellular energy).

– Ribose: improves cellular respiration by increasing energy and generating new ATP.

– Ergothioneine: is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cell nucleus.

– Oxygen: anti-inflammatory and anti-radical action.

2- LEDS (light emitting diodes) act by releasing ATP. They take advantage of the natural biological effects of red, blue, yellow and infrared light to repair and stimulate cells.

This exclusive Clínica Ribé treatment lasts about 30 minutes and, due to its immediate results, it is ideal for special events such as the one coming up this February 14.

Price: 150 €

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