PDO tensor threads: the non-aggressive technique for a lifting effect

PDO tensor threads are an ideal treatment to apply to the face, neck and other areas of the body globally, or focusing on certain facial areas (the bar code, crow’s feet or the periorbital commissures). The advantage of this treatment is that it is ambulatory and does not require post-treatment measures, since it is a non-aggressive technique.

This technique was introduced by Dr. Josep Maria Caussa, although it quickly spread to the other doctors of Medisoc Clínica Corachán.

The procedure

The implantation of PDO tensor threads is performed quickly and easily in the office using a minimally invasive technique that involves placing the threads in areas where there is flaccidity, creating “lifting” vectors.

These are reabsorbed between 6 and 12 months after placement, although the result can be seen beyond a year and a half. The thread material has been used for many years as resorbable sutures in multiple types of surgeries, such as cardiac surgeries.

Combination with other treatments

PDO tensor threads can be used as a single treatment to reinforce elastin and collagen formation of the skin and bring more tightness, elasticity and density to the skin, but it is advisable to combine it with other treatments, such as fractional laser or facial mesotherapy, to further enhance the collagen and elastin stimulation and improve the anti-sagging result.

They can also be combined with resorbable fillers to correct volumes while creating tension, with the anti-sagging effect of PDO tensor threads.