Psychology, a matter of social, work and personal balance

Psychology Center Human Area
Julia Vidal Fernández – Health psychologist. Director of Área Humana

Área Humana is a psychology center with more than 20 years of experience, and this thanks to our good work. An example of this are the more than 1500 people who have already come to our center.

Success in psychological care
I believe that success, in addition to the rigor, experience and dedication with which we work, is due to how we apply scientific knowledge to a careful methodology of work.

A great difference in psychological care
We are probably the only psychology center that gives an account of our work by providing each patient with a report detailing the evaluation, diagnosis, objectives and treatment planning. This is a plus that sets us apart.

Our objectives
Our goal is to get all our patients to solve their problems, their dilemmas, and achieve what we all want in our lives: a balance at a social, work and personal level.

Our human team
Marta de la Fuente – Health psychologist. Psycho-oncologist. Expert in anxiety and stress.
Área Humana is formed by a large team of health psychologists, psychiatrists and expert psychologists in different areas: legal, labor, sexuality, child, anxiety and stress… But the most important thing is that we all work with the same method. In addition to our health accreditations, we are a team that share the same professional orientation, the same values and the same continuous training, through our clinical sessions and the attendance and participation in congresses and scientific societies.

Psychology, counseling and emotional education
Mariola Bonillo – Health psychologist. Expert in child and adolescent psychology.
Psychology is not only about solving problems. It is also important to have a basic knowledge of emotions, that which we were never taught. That is why in Área Humana we have created the classroom of emotions to transmit and teach children and adults that knowledge, and thus improve their personal and social relationships.

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Julia Vidal Fernández – Health psychologist. Director of Área Humana
In Área Humana we are passionate about our work, which we take care of with dedication. If you decide to meet us we will be happy to assist you.