Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in the armpits and hands is a pathology that can affect personal relationships and social activities of people who suffer from it, since a lot of sweat is created in some parts of the body and the patient cannot control it.

There are different types of hyperhidrosis depending on the area in which the excess sweating occurs. There are two that create more discomfort among people, since they are noticeable at first sight. These two are the following:

  • Axillary hyperhidrosis: Sweating in the armpits is one of the most common and annoying for people who suffer from it, not only because of the excessive sweating that can be seen at first glance, staining the fabrics of clothing, but also because they can produce side effects internally such as cracking of the skin or blisters.
  • Palmar hyperhidrosis: It is estimated that more than 3% of the world’s population suffers from excessive sweating of the hands, being the most common type of hyperhidrosis in the world’s population.

The origin of this pathology has a high percentage of genetic predisposition and begins to show in childhood, although it is during puberty when there is an increase in symptoms.

This pathology affects both men and women equally.

Nerves, anxiety or stress can considerably aggravate hyperhidrosis in sufferers.

Is there a solution for hyperhidrosis?

The treatment for hyperhidrosis is performed using botulinum toxin, but it is a solution that is not definitive, it can last between 12 to 16 months.

The treatment itself is not painful, and the results are quite immediate -between 1 to 3 days-. Specialists recommend having the treatment two or three months before the summer, since it is not yet hot and by the summer months the botulinum toxin will be settled in the areas to be treated.

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This treatment prevents excess sweating caused by the pathology, as well as sweating related to excess heat.