The advantages of an integrative aesthetic dermatologic facial treatment in summer

Now that we are already in summer and also on vacation, one of the main questions we should ask ourselves is how important it is to protect our skin, especially from the sun, which now, in this season, can be a risk to our health.

Especially in the current context, we deserve a break after a long year of work and worries but, before leaving the world behind, we must make one last effort, as it is about our own health.

The first thing to recover: hydration and radiance.

Many of us are likely to take advantage of the vacations to take a getaway for a few days, or even stay at home to relax. If we decide to take this second option, it is the best time to take advantage of the summer and perform a series of facial treatments that will help us greatly in our day, having a clean, relaxed and rejuvenated face.

One of the key issues of this new objective that we have set ourselves is, mainly, to recover hydration and smoothness in the skin. In essence, to recover the luminosity of our entire face. This way we can get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin or anything that makes us look older, such as dark circles under the eyes or wrinkles around the mouth.

Fortunately, nowadays there are treatments performed by specialists in Aesthetic Medicine known as non-invasive treatments, which can help us a lot and in very few sessions.

Facial integrative treatments always according to our needs.

It is necessary to divide some of these treatments into several sessions so that we can see the results more closely. Each person is different and so is their skin, so we cannot apply the same formula to everyone.

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It is also possible to overdo it with treatments, as facial excesses can result in cloned faces without expressiveness and precisely the opposite effect, i.e., it can add years to our age. That is why we must always apply the best and most appropriate treatment possible.

The search for naturalness in the treatment is the most important aspect of the process. What we are looking for is to rejuvenate the face, always maintaining our clear signs of identity.

Tips to take into account according to our skin

Aesthetic Medicine has advanced so much in recent years that there are now treatments with practically instantaneous effects. Even those treatments that need some time to notice their effects are effective from the first session, even if only partially.

We must take into account that some side effects may appear when any of the treatments are performed. Swelling or even bruising may appear and it depends on the skin sensitivity of each patient. There are some people who are more prone than others although these small side effects disappear within a few days.

Summer is the best time to have a facial treatment and the results that it can give us are very gratifying when we see the results, since our face is the best sign of who we are and there is no better idea than to take advantage of the vacations to rejuvenate it.