No hair on body and safety on skin

Making unwanted body hair disappear has been the subject of multiple methods for years. The various technological advances and the knowledge of how the skin tissue behaves have led us to proclaim the laser as the only effective method for hair removal. It is clinically proven that the lasers on the market in the hands of trained physicians achieve permanent hair reduction safely and effectively. But we can offer new developments in this area.

Dr. Isabel Bové is part of the team of Dr. AlexCamps Fresneda, a prestigious dermatologist. They are specialists in laser medicine and recognized for their teaching nationally and internationally. They have answered the following questions:

What does laser hair removal consist of?

In our center we have opted for safety and efficacy in a method approved by the FDA and with the personalized medical attention of experts in the field.

One of the great challenges of the laser industry was to reach the target organ without taking into account the melanin of the skin so as not to produce burns and disable the use of laser hair removal at the slightest tanning.

The Soprano® XL-SHR (Super Hair Removal) system is a new hair removal technique using a moving diode laser with heads adapted for all parts of the body, for male, female and pubic hair removal.

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What medical laser do you use?

We use a revolutionary concept in the field of lasers. It is “gradual photothermolysis”. The energy applied at low doses but with repetition causes the accumulation of sufficient temperature in the hair bulb and in the perifollicular dermis to produce minimal discomfort and high effectiveness. In this way the stem-cells are destroyed and the hair is eliminated definitively.

Can the patient sunbathe during the treatment?

We can destroy the hair without burning the skin even if the patient is tanned or is of a race with more melanin in the skin. This allows us to continue waxing in the summer even if the patient is sunbathing.

What areas of the body can be performed?

The whole body. Body hair removal can be performed (armpits, groin, chest in men, nipples, etc.) and face (between the eyebrows, tail of the eyebrow, mustache). It allows to treat pathologies related to hair that are difficult to treat with other methods: scrotal skin (urethral transplant), folliculitis (skin with pimples), depilation of skin grafts, among others.

Does it hurt?

We have found that a hair removal system that heats the hair follicle to sufficient temperature to epilate, while delivering a minimal amount of thermal energy to the epidermis, will be virtually painless and deliver effective results.