Mónica Naranjo: “When I reached 30, I suffered many changes in my life and it was then when I decided to put myself in the hands of Dr. Natalia Ribé”

The nationally and internationally known singer grants an interview to support Dr. Natalia Ribé on the 10th Anniversary of her Institute.

It has been more than 20 years since Dr. Natalia Ribé began her professional career and 10 years since she opened her own Institut to contribute to society’s integral wellness, focusing on teamwork and holistic service. A total approach to personal wellness 360º. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Institut Dr. Natalia Ribé, the singer Mónica Naranjo, one of her VIP clients with whom she has had a very close relationship for 12 years, wanted to support the Doctor in this special year by conducting the following exclusive interview.

  • We have seen during your professional career how your physical appearance has been changing, especially the color of your hair. To what extent do you consider personal care important?

“Order is the beginning of discipline! I have always been a very tidy woman, starting with myself. Internal health is at the top of my hierarchical pyramid and that always has an impact on my exterior.”

  • What is your beauty routine?

“I sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day, I start the morning pampering my mind and enjoying the silence while I lovingly apply my anti-aging serum and my eye, lip and neck contour creams. I also practice daily exercise and eat everything but beets!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!”

  • When did you start taking care of yourself?

“I have always taken good care of myself, but when I reached 30, I underwent many changes in my life and that’s when I decided to put myself in the hands of Dr. Natalia Ribé”.

  • What do you consider indispensable for the care of any woman?
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“Man or woman, the most important thing is to know how to take care of your self-esteem”.

  • Do you consider that our physical appearance is a reflection of our way of being or of what we want to appear to be?

“It’s useless to take care of yourself on the outside if you don’t take care of yourself on the inside. Stress, anguish, unpleasantness, emotional imbalance, the weight of responsibility, excess alcohol, tobacco, bad eating… The first thing the doctor taught me is that aesthetic medicine does not work miracles if you don’t put your life in order first. It is useless to be treated externally if inside our mind and body nothing is in its place”.

  • 12 years ago you put yourself in the hands of Dr. Natalia Ribé. How would you define her as a professional?

“She is the best! She has the best hands in the world. Her professional ethics, her concept of aesthetics and beauty, her ideals within her field is something that as a patient I admire, I appreciate and makes me trust her blindly. In addition, when you enter the Institut Dr Natalia Ribe you feel how her entire team professionally embraces you from the first moment, which makes the treatment closer and more trusting”.

  • Since you started with the Doctor, have you changed your beauty routine?

“Of course!!! Every age brings different treatments and disciplines.”

  • Has your skin improved?

“My skin and my mind are on fire!!!!!”

  • Would you recommend going to Dr. Natalia Ribé?

“Please don’t stop coming, I warn you, you’ll be hooked like me!”

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Finally, Dr. Natalia Ribé wanted to thank Monica Naranjo for these 12 years of commitment and loyalty, which have also led to the friendship that unites them today: “It is a great pleasure and a great satisfaction for me to be able to count on Monica’s loyalty. When someone with her professional background and human qualities places all her trust in me, it is undoubtedly a recognition of my work, my professionalism and, above all, my person”.