Six keys to differentiate a good implant and an “implant of the bunch”

Dental implants are considered one of the best options for replacing teeth that have been lost, whether due to natural causes such as the passage of time or external causes. The fundamental keys to take into account so that when we get an implant everything goes well, it is durable, gives a good result and allows us to boast a smile from ear to ear are the following.

Keys to have a good implant

  1. That the implant is well placed, that it is in its place. Currently it is not appropriate to place dental implants without a previous study with a radiological diagnostic tool in three dimensions, so first we must do a CT scan. With this type of images we can choose the ideal place to place an implant. It allows us to observe the conditions of the place where we want to place the implant; if for example we observe that the amount of bone is insufficient, we can design techniques to make that bone grow. The more the case is studied, the more possibilities we have of a good result.
  2. Prediction of the result. Using classic and modern computer techniques, in addition to choosing the site and identifying the best area of bone, we will place the implant where it will work well and where the tooth will look beautiful. Our techniques allow us to see the virtual result: before placing the roots (the implants) we build the teeth, we see how they look, and if we like them and if we find that there is good bone in that area, we decide to place the implant there.
  3. Provide a relaxed atmosphere. It is common for going to the dentist to generate anxiety. A relaxed atmosphere is good for the patient not to suffer, but also for the dentist to work better. In addition, there is a tendency to run if the specialist notices that the patient is not having a good time. For this reason, at the Torres Lear Dental Center we have three levels of sedation: with drugs, with Nitrous Oxide by inhalation and a third level with the presence of a specialist anesthesiologist.
  4. Although we dentists put a lot of love into it, we do not get patients to come “to have a good time”, so it is very important to plan the treatment well and make the most of the session. Using the best technologies and tools, in the same appointment it is possible to remove the natural root that no longer serves us, place the implant and even apply regeneration techniques if necessary. In some cases we can install fixed teeth. In this way we get the patient to come to the dentist fewer times.
  5. They always leave the sessions with their teeth in place. In our center it is protocolized, for us it is “mandatory”. They are “put in and take out” teeth that can be applied in all cases and are reasonably economical. In some cases we place the teeth completely fixed: either on existing implants or on the newly placed implants. At least to be able to smile and live a normal life.
  6. Construction of the teeth: When we talk about implants we refer to the artificial root or roots. On them we will place one or more teeth, so that the construction can be of high quality materials such as ceramic or more economical as resin. The choice of materials is important and it is also important to work without haste, so when the implants have been integrated into the body, we will make, at no additional cost, the necessary visits until we achieve the result sought by the dentist and the patient.
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Enjoy life with a broad smile!