How to Rejuvenate the Smile with Dental Antiaging

Our smile is our calling card, the first impression we make on the rest of the world. So why not take care of it the same way we take care of our skin and hair?

There are dental anti-aging treatments that allow us to preserve the unique smile that each one of us has in a simple way. These techniques allow us to achieve the perfect harmony between the youthful appearance of our face and our smile.

Causes of smile aging

The main causes of aging of our smile and teeth are:

  • Missing teeth.
  • Dental crowding, interdental spaces.
  • Worn, irregular, fractured or cracked teeth.
  • Dull enamel, darkened teeth, intrinsic and extrinsic dental staining.
  • Tooth mobility, root exposure, receding and blackened gums.
  • Discomfort or clicking when opening and closing the mouth.
  • Loss of elasticity in the lips.

Treatments to rejuvenate the smile

We have different dental anti-aging techniques that improve and rejuvenate our smile; it is no longer just a question of aesthetics, but also of health.

Depending on our needs and goals, our medical team can assign one treatment or another, always thinking about the specific case of each patient and their personalized study. Our doctor will advise us throughout the treatment, analyzing each stage and achieving optimal results as quickly as possible. Antiaging dental is totally personalized for each case.

We have therefore a series of specialized treatments for this type of objectives are:

  • Invisalign Invisible Orthodontics
  • Veneers
  • Whitening
  • Ozone therapy
  • Gum esthetics