The 3 most demanded antiaging treatments that do not require surgery

The face is the mirror of the soul and that is why it is the area that patients want to take care of the most. Nowadays, body image has taken on the greatest importance of all times, both on a personal and professional level. For this reason, rapid progress has been made in the development of facial treatments that achieve a younger and more beautiful face in a short time and without excessive cost.

There are two types of age: chronological age, which is determined by the date of birth, and biological age, which is determined by the state of health and youth of the cells. Thus, biological age can be modified with anti-aging treatments. These treatments do not require any type of surgery.

What do anti-aging treatments consist of?

Anti-aging treatments aim to recover the quality and structure of the skin diminished by the passage of time such as: modified volumes (lips, cheekbones, chin and/or nose) and the recovery of collagen to reduce facial flaccidity, the elimination of wrinkles, the improvement of density, luminosity and skin quality, the elimination of photo-aging spots and other signs of deterioration.

In anti-aging treatments there are two approaches: one that consists of taking care of our lifestyle, food and dietary supplementation in many cases, with some vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and hormones, in cases where they are lacking; and the other to be performed in the doctor’s office, through Aesthetic Medicine techniques. This type of technique consists of infiltrating the skin, with very fine needles, with resorbable materials of non-animal origin. In addition to providing greater beauty and youthfulness to the skin, they improve its qualities. In most cases, they are substances that are naturally secreted by the skin, but as the years go by, the body’s production decreases, giving way to a more aged skin.

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What are the most demanded anti-aging treatments?

The infiltration of hyaluronic acid and multivitamin combinations, as well as some medical peelings, will stimulate hydration and collagen production in the skin, resulting in younger and healthier skin. Others, such as botulinum toxin, reduce expression wrinkles, giving a younger and more relaxed look.

Sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes. After the consultation, patients can go on with their normal life. In some cases, several sessions spaced several weeks apart are necessary to achieve a more optimal result. While, in others, a single annual or biannual session is sufficient.

Japanese lifting or magic threads: new anti-aging treatment

A new treatment called Japanese lifting or magic threads, results in the reduction of flaccidity by the generation of new collagen and the stretching of the area of application. It consists in the infiltration of Polydioxanone (PDO) threads in the flaccid areas of the whole body, a very safe and bioreabsorbable material that has been used in Cardiac and Ophthalmologic Surgery for decades. The best results are at the level of the middle and lower third of the face, as well as in the double chin or “double chin” and neck flaccidity.