Rejuvenate and beautify without surgery, with naturalness and safety

Naturalness and safety are the two basic requirements that my patients ask me for, especially those who come to my Center for the first time.

What is the main reason for patients to come to your practice?

Many people come to my office looking to improve their image or correct the signs of aging, whether incipient or already established. They come with the fear that the treatment will change their features and they will not recognize themselves or that the correction applied will be excessive, too obvious.

What information should they be given in these cases?

I like to explain to them that the naturalness of the results is my first objective, since it is a matter of gently improving the appearance without appreciating any change other than an improvement in their image. We are going to correct wrinkles or those signs of aging that we wish to improve and we are also going to prevent them from increasing over time. This last point is especially important in younger people, since we can prevent wrinkles from appearing or, when they do, they will be much softer and smaller.

What characterizes your treatments?

I have no standards in my treatments, to each person I recommend what I consider will help them more to achieve the goal we have to achieve. I know that personalization is essential to obtain the desired results.

Another relevant and vitally important point in my treatments is safety. Safety in the products I use and in the technique to apply them. Quality does matter! and I always work with the best laboratories that offer guaranteed manufacturing products. Quality in the product means low risk of adverse reactions, adequate duration in time, it is not visible or noticeable and all this helps to achieve the natural effect that we are always looking for.

What are the most requested treatments?

The most requested treatments are to relax the appearance of the face, for example with Botox/Vistabel between the eyebrows. And also others that I treat with hyaluronic acid such as: diminishing the tired look, softening the depression in the cheekbones and under the eyes or rejuvenating the face by treating the central part of the face, the lips, the wrinkles that form around them and make them lose their shape, aging the expression or the dark line that appears between the nose and the corner of the mouth called rictus and that darkens the face.

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Botox/Vistabel is a very safe product that I have been using for more than twelve years with full guarantee and that together with hyaluronic acid are the two most common products in rejuvenation treatments. The experience and knowledge allow me to apply them with total security in my patients.

The treatment of skin, blemishes, impurities, fine wrinkles, dry or flaccid skin deserves a special mention. I believe that the skin is very important in the beauty and harmony of the face, so we must not only treat wrinkles, we must pamper the skin because a luminous and beautiful skin is a sign of beauty and health at any age.

I also like to transmit tranquility in the treatments, it is not necessary to do all the treatments at once but rather to do it progressively, session by session. It can be made more intense for those who require or wish it, but as a general rule I am asked for progression and then maintenance to perpetuate the result obtained.

For more than 25 years I have been running my own aesthetic medicine center in Barcelona and I am proud to still treat patients who put their trust in me to rejuvenate their appearance and thus their life.