Laser in Body Remodeling

What does laser body contouring consist of?

Laser technology helps us to improve the results of classic plastic surgery techniques. Specifically in body contouring we benefit from three characteristics of the laser. Firstly, the laser’s ability to liquefy fat, which allows us to act on fat accumulations, on fat deposits in different parts of the body. Secondly, the heating effect of the laser coagulates the small blood vessels, so we have less inflammation and less bleeding in the postoperative period. And thirdly, from my point of view, the most important effect or characteristic, is the ability of the laser to help retract the tissues, mainly the collagen of the skin. Thanks to the heating effect of the laser, the collagen is remodeled, new collagen is created that has a greater elastic capacity to retract the skin and adapt to the new contour, having rejuvenating effects in certain parts of the body and anti-flaccidity in other parts of the body.

What is laser assisted liposuction? What is this treatment indicated for?

As its name suggests, laser-assisted liposuction is a technique that takes advantage of the benefits of laser to obtain better results in liposuction, an intervention or very classic technique in cosmetic surgery. Where is it especially indicated? Well, in those areas of the body where we can benefit more from the effects of the laser. What are the beneficial aspects of the laser in this aspect? Fundamentally, the ability to retract the skin to avoid flaccidity in those areas where the skin is thin, inelastic and we run the risk that with a traditional liposuction, once the fat has been emptied from that area, the skin will sag, become wrinkled and flaccid. This is what we call the difficult areas, those areas where the skin is not very elastic. Which are they? The double chin, the inner thighs, the arms, the abdomen in certain cases where there is flaccidity and some skin is left over. In these areas, if we only remove the fat, it is very possible that the skin remains loose. With the support of the laser we get that skin to retract, adapt to a new contour and the risk of post liposuction flaccidity is greatly minimized.

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What does the laser lifting technique consist of?

Laser lifting is a surgical technique that takes advantage of the beneficial effects of the laser to rejuvenate the face and neck. In the lifting, the excess skin is trimmed, the tissues are stretched, both the skin and deep tissues, to stretch them and give the face a more youthful appearance. There are some cases in which the aging, the sagging of the skin, both of the neck and face is not excessively accentuated and we can obtain a retraction of that skin, a retraction both at the level of the jowls, as at the level of the cheeks, a retraction thanks to the heating effect of the laser on the collagen of the skin. By heating the collagen produces a retraction effect, the formation of new collagen, which stretches the tissues and that makes these tissues adapt to the new contour producing a rejuvenating effect. The great advantage is that in these cases in which it is indicated, it is not indicated in all cases, in extreme cases of great sagging of the skin of the face the only solution is the lifting. The great advantage is that it is a minimally invasive procedure, usually with local anesthesia, with virtually no incisions, minimal incisions under the chin and under the ear where the laser probe is introduced and the tissue is heated to promote its retraction and stretching. The postoperative period is practically nonexistent, there is almost no bruising and the incorporation to the activity of normal life is approximately 48 hours.