Thermage G: the treatment for female genital rejuvenation

After the age of 30, the female reproductive system undergoes natural changes that lead to a decrease in the tone and fleshiness of the genital area.

As a consequence of menopause, there is a decrease in skin thickness in the female genitalia, retraction of the labia and an increase in dryness of the skin of the vulva and perineum.

The volume of the epidermis decreases together with that of the dermis. This situation causes a decrease in fibroblasts that in parallel reduce the production of: glycosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen. The main indicator of the passage of time in people is the skin.

These changes cause an intensification of flaccidity and loss of volume. Thermage treatment is administered to the outside of the vulva including the area of the mons pubis, the outer labia majora and the distended skin of the perineum.

Thermage achieves tissue heating to 55ºC. This thermal energy is exerted on the triple helix organization of collagen inducing its reconstruction by stimulation of fibroblasts that reproduce new collagen fibers obtaining an increase in tone, elasticity and firmness of the external genital area.

Thermage is a monopolar and capacitative radiofrequency technique that uses an inverse thermal gradient (cold-heat) at a depth of 2.4 nm to 3 nmm. The advantages of this treatment are that it smoothes, firms and contracts the skin.

Mechanism of action of Thermage:

Initial Response: Immediate collagen contraction.

– Dermal contraction for firming.

– Contraction of fibrous septa to firm the skin.

Secondary Response: Collagen deposition and remodeling = firming of the skin over time.

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Its effects are maintained for 12 to 24 months. After the first month of treatment, there is an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the genital area and also increases some aspects of the woman’s sexual activity.

Thermage improves the aesthetic and functional presence of the woman’s intimate area.