Comprehensive Neck Rejuvenation

The neck is one of the most visible areas of the body with sensitive skin that ages worse than the rest of the dermis. Wrinkles are caused by the continuous movement and loss of capillary density over the years. Thus, it is common for horizontal wrinkles to appear, such as the wrinkles known as the “necklace of venus”, or horizontal wrinkles, known as “turkey neck” wrinkles.

For a complete rejuvenation of the neck, the most recommended is an endodermic radiofrequency that produces a controlled heating of the skin, which results in the generation of collagen and the subsequent tightening of the entire skin. Thus, this treatment is combined in the same session with injections based on a long-lasting hyaluronic acid gel, which acts as a powerful dermal filler of wrinkles.

Neck rejuvenation: the procedure

Radiofrequency is applied using gold microneedles that penetrate between 0.5 and 2 millimeters into the skin. About twenty minutes before the injections, an anesthetic solution is applied, and then the hualuronic acid is injected. Depending on each personalized diagnosis, one or two syringes are used.

Neck rejuvenation: immediate results

One of the main advantages of this treatment is that the results are visible from the first session. To obtain complete and unbeatable results, three sessions spaced two months apart are recommended. Thus, it is highly recommended to perform one session before the summer and another just after the summer season.

The only side effect of neck rejuvenation is that after each session there is an intense reddening, but it disappears after two days at the most. In addition, the neck can be exposed to the sun without any problem, as long as it is protected with a sun protection factor. Its approximate duration – once the three sessions have been performed – is one year.

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The price of a session of Intracel: 500 € and the price of a syringe of Restylane: 330 €, but if both procedures are combined, the final price is 700 €. For more information, consult a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.