Feeling beautiful helps your wellbeing

The skin reflects emotions. When we are happy our body secretes endorphins (feel-good hormones) which show in a smoother and brighter skin.

Consequently, endorphins act at brain level, reducing anxiety and activating an analgesic and sedative effect. This scientific basis should stimulate us to look forward every day in search of what makes us feel good: walking, laughing, keeping a positive attitude, controlling our diet, taking care of our hair and face, etc.

Bad habits influence our beauty and well-being.

The goal would be to soften the traces of the passage of time to feel good inside and out. The task is not easy, but with the good weather everything is always more bearable. After winter, the skin needs to be renewed, hydrated and harmonized with the body, which due to uncompensated excesses in the diet force to control excess fat and flaccidity that increases with sedentary lifestyle, stress and lack of emotional control.

The changes in the different stages of life: forming a couple, having children, separations, illnesses, menopause, retirements… These are moments to renew our project for the future. With enthusiasm and good habits, we can make the changes to look better and enjoy the new stage with all our energy.

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