At what age should you start going to the dentist?

Maintaining good oral health is something that should be done from childhood. Dental specialists say that teeth should be cleaned from the moment they appear in the mouth, that is, from about 6 months of age.

During the first months, cleaning should be done by wiping all surfaces of the teeth with a moistened gauze. When the child is ready, he/she will start using a toothbrush specially designed for the little ones.

First visit to the dentist

Specialists advise your child to visit the dentist for the first time when he/she is one year old. Some dentists recommend that the visit be made before the age of one, since at that age some teeth have already appeared and it is good to know the guidelines for cleaning, diet and habits.

Prevention guidelines indicate that toothpaste should be introduced to children as soon as the first tooth appears.

Cavities in baby teeth

Temporary teeth, more commonly known as baby teeth, are destined to be lost and replaced naturally by permanent teeth. Despite this temporary nature, it is important to treat any caries that may appear in them, since they perform very important functions. Among these functions are not only esthetic, but also chewing, phonetics and the correct development of the maxillary bones. They also serve as a guide for the eruption of the permanent teeth and maintain the space for their correct placement within the arch.