Xerostomia: Dry Mouth Syndrome

Xerostomia is the sensation of dry mouth due to decreased salivary secretion. The decrease of saliva in the oral cavity triggers imbalances in the bacterial flora that can lead to caries, gum disease or even bad breath.

What are the causes of xerostomia?

The main causes of xerostomia are:

  • The use of certain medications, such as antihistamines, drugs for high blood pressure, diuretics or oncological drugs.
  • Radiation therapy in patients with head or neck cancer.
  • Stress, anxiety or depression, which affect the central nervous system.
  • Public speaking is one of the most common causes of xerostomia among teachers.
  • Absence of teeth: the absence of teeth causes a decrease in stimuli that leads to a lower production of saliva and therefore to xerostomia.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: regular consumption of alcohol and tobacco can cause a decrease in salivary secretion.
  • Diets with excess carbohydrates and lack of fruit and vegetables is also a cause of xerostomia.

The lack of salivary secretion caused by xerostomia reduces the patient’s quality of life, since it causes irritation of the mucosa, which can lead to cracks in the mucosa, painful ulcerations, candidiasis, halitosis, caries or dental sensitivity.

How to reduce the symptoms of xerostomia

Some of the solutions that can help reduce the symptoms caused by xerostomia include:

  • Using moisturizing agents such as aloe vera, allantoin, fluoride, or xylitol….
  • Reinforce oral hygiene techniques with the use of specific pastes and mouthwashes and moisturizing gels.
  • There are specific chewing gums and candies for dry mouth that also help to cope with the symptoms of xerostomia.
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In patients with dry mouth syndrome it is recommended to have regular check-ups with the dentist more frequently since these patients are more prone to caries and other dental problems.

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