Snoring and Divorce

With this title we wanted to call the attention of the people who snore, since those who suffer audibly this nocturnal accompaniment of the couple is producing progressively a conjugal distance every night until unexpected limits, even if the snorer does not take it can lead to the separation.

This snoring is just a sign, but it is not a definitive cause of respiratory problems.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing is constantly interrupted during sleep. The period for which breathing stops or slows down is usually 10 to 30 seconds. When these episodes are constantly repeated, nocturnal apnea can affect the quality of sleep.

These apneas produce daytime tiredness, drowsiness (one of the causes of traffic accidents), lack of concentration and high blood pressure (cerebrovascular accidents).

Apnea can be produced by several causes, and it is important to make a complete diagnosis by specialized professionals, and under a sleep analysis performed at home to determine with certainty the quality of sleep and its interruptions.

Currently, once diagnosed, mild to moderate apneas can be successfully treated with a nocturnal mandibular advancement device that leaves the airways free to breathe and have a continuous and restful sleep, according to the testimonials of our patients.

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