Jowl surgery: what is it and what techniques are available

What are the causes of double chin?

What is known as double chin is an accumulation of fat that is located just under the jaw. Exactly located between some anatomical areas that place us at that point that accumulation of fat. It is neither lower nor more superficial. That is the area that almost everyone knows as this aesthetic defect, with the name of double chin.

What does the surgery consist of?

In the case of the double chin, if we consider a surgical treatment we have several options. At first there is an option of what is the removal of fat by a simple liposuction and wait for the whole process of skin retraction and retensioning of the area. On other occasions it can be associated with what is a lipolaser. Then we accelerate the tightening process through the action of the laser. And finally, in the last case, when this accumulation of fat is also associated with a flaccidity at the skin level, we need to resort to surgery to remove the excess skin that occurs in the area. With which we would have to associate, at the same time that we make the removal of fat, a physical tightening, and yes with a larger scar, of what is the area of excess skin.

In which cases is a chin implant necessary?

In certain cases, in which we can observe that anatomically the distribution of the maxilla is insufficient in its anterior projection, we would need to provide what is a chin prosthesis. This prosthesis has to be very personalized, both for the dimensions of the patient, as well as for the patient’s wishes. We can find ourselves in cases where technically, the specialists in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery should place a larger chin, but aesthetically the patient will not feel comfortable and will not recognize his image. So, it is precisely in those cases in which we have a shorter or smaller jaw in which we need to place a chin implant.

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What is the postoperative period like?

In the case that we have performed a liposuction of the jowls, the postoperative period is usually relatively comfortable. In some cases we need to use a band that will be left in place for the first three days. After these first days the band can be removed and the patient can lead a more or less normal life. Logically we will have some bruising in the lower neck area that can be easily covered with a scarf, a sling or the collar of a shirt. But quickly as soon as that person is out of the social or work environment again, we do recommend that the band be put back on again. And this is maintained for approximately the first week. After that time we leave the normal evolution with the corresponding revisions in consultation.