Reduces broad forehead with frontoplasty

What is frontoplasty?

It is a surgical technique indicated to reduce the wide forehead, which is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, that is, without hospitalization. It is also called forehead reduction technique.

What does the technique consist of?

To reduce the size of the forehead and achieve a lower hairline without hair grafting, the hairline is advanced to reach a forehead size of appropriate proportions.

This technique leaves a scar that is practically not visible, as it is very thin and goes right between the hair and the skin of the forehead.

Why is frontoplasty performed?

It is mainly used in women who have a forehead of more than 6 centimeters. This is because a wide forehead can alter the facial balance and diminish attractiveness.

A very wide forehead in women can give a masculine and older look. In many cases, these women do not feel comfortable with their hair up and are forced to wear bangs.

What preparation is necessary for frontoplasty?

The preparation is quite simple but should be done two weeks prior to surgery. To advance the hairline, a minimum of scalp laxity is necessary, so some exercises are recommended. These exercises consist of gathering the hair in a ponytail and pulling it back and forth.

What is the care after the procedure?

After undergoing frontoplasty must wear a bandage for two days. In addition, it is necessary to sleep with the headboard a little incorporated. The stitches, very fine, are removed after 10 days. The postoperative period is usually not very uncomfortable, thanks to medication.

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It is normal for the scalp to become a bit corky, but it recovers in a short time. Finally, gentle massage and sun protection are recommended.

Is there any alternative to the treatment?

The only alternative option would be hair implants. The problem is that women have a very high hair density, so that with grafts it is very difficult to achieve a normal-looking hairline.

In addition, it should be noted that frontoplasty is much faster and with a cheaper cost.

For more information about frontoplasty contact a specialist in Plastic Surgery.