Do you want to get rid of your double chin? Discover the NEW non-surgical treatment!

One of the aesthetic problems presented by part of the society is the double chin or double chin. This is also a fear in adulthood, as most wish it would never appear.

Non-surgical treatment to eliminate double chin

This treatment consists of small infiltrations in the area to be treated, so the experts in Aesthetic Medicine must follow a procedure and a very strict technique in its application, as well as expertise and professional experience because it is a delicate area. The treatment consists of applying the drug “belkyra”, whose active ingredient is “deoxycholic acid”. This acid has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective in eliminating submental fat, producing an “adipocytolysis” of the fat cells.

How many treatment sessions do I need to eliminate double chin and what results are obtained?

The treatment is usually performed in an average of two to five sessions, always depending on the case and the amount of fat to be removed. Between sessions there is an interval of 28 – 30 days, which allows us to evaluate the results and decide whether or not more sessions are necessary.

Years of clinical research with this product have shown that the treatment is almost definitive, with very appreciable and satisfactory results.