15 aesthetic medicine treatments

There is an increasing variety of treatments in Aesthetic Medicine and, each time, they are more effective. In addition, new treatments are adapted to areas, characteristics of the body or face and preferences of each patient. Currently, these are the most innovative and effective aesthetic treatments on the market.

Hyaluronic acid

It is a substance used to fill expression wrinkles, model the facial contour, correct folds and give volume to cheekbones and lips. It is usually administered in specific areas of the face:

– Nasogenian area (grooves from the nose to the mouth).

– Cheekbones

– Chin

– Upper lip

– Lips (augmentation)

– Other areas (consult the center)

The patient can choose two areas to receive hyaluronic acid in one day.


Non-invasive treatment that consists of delivering cold in a controlled manner in the indicated area, achieving a reduction of localized fat, especially in the abdomen, flanks and cartridge cases, with visible and natural results. The number of sessions required varies according to each patient.

Couperose treatments

Couperose is an alteration of the microcirculation of the skin that produces telangiectasias (small “varicose veins”) on the cheeks, back and nostrils. It may be accompanied by redness, acne and poor elasticity in the area. This pathology most often affects patients with sensitive and white skin.

To treat this alteration, there are several methods that can be classified into two groups: non-invasive and minimally invasive.

Within the non-invasive, there are two treatments:

– Intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser.

– Growth factor cream

As for minimally invasive treatments, epidermal growth factors are also extracted from PRP and are able to give thickness, elasticity and firmness and eliminate wrinkles in the area concerned.

Diode laser hair removal

The laser sends out pulses of high-energy light, which are selectively absorbed by melanin (dark pigments that produce color in the skin and hair). The energy of these pulses is transformed into thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle (part of the skin where the hair begins to grow), without damaging the surrounding areas.

The diode laser can be used on any type of skin and virtually any area of the body:

– Small areas: armpits, groin, chin, lip, hands, feet, between the eyebrows, nape of the neck, linea alba (the one that goes from the sternum to the end of the abdomen), areolas (areas around the nipple), ears, sideburns and cheeks.

– Medium zones: female half legs (including knee), female thighs, buttocks, female pubis, Brazilian groin, male lower back, female arms, female full facial or male beard profile and shoulders.

– Large areas: full arms, male pubis, chest and abdomen, mid back and lumbar and full legs.


This method uses the application of IPL, which effectively improves the signs of aging, as well as the texture of the skin and the luminosity of the face. Photorejuvenation is one of the most modern treatments and with more acceptance around the world, as it recovers the beauty of the skin quickly, painlessly and without recovery time.

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Tensor threads

They are polydioxanone filaments that are placed under the skin, stimulating the collagen in the area and making a tightening effect to hide wrinkles on the face and neck. The tensor threads have a duration of up to two years.


It is a technique that consists of introducing an aqueous solution with a gelatinous base that eliminates the adipose cells definitively. Once the product is applied, low-frequency ultrasound is applied to the outer part of the skin, causing the destroyed adipocytes to release the fat and the body itself to eliminate them.

The areas where intralipotherapy works best are abdomen, hips, knees, arms, double chin and inner thighs.


This treatment consists of applying laser for 30 minutes in the area to be treated, getting metabolize fat, get rid of cellulite and combat flaccidity. Lipolaser has immediate results, with no side effects.

Body mesotherapy

This method applies microinjections of products such as trace elements, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins A, C, D and E, lipolytic enzymes, which degrade fat and promote circulation to eliminate localized fat and cellulite.

Facial mesotherapy

It is a highly valued treatment in the prevention of facial aging, which makes microinjections of drugs locally and in minimal doses in the upper part of the skin (less than 2 mm deep), without affecting the skin barrier. These injected products stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Nanopeeling for luminous skin

This consists of applying a chemical product, usually an acid, to the skin, which makes the skin more luminous and eliminates blemishes and other imperfections.


This treatment generates electromagnetic radiation that generates an electric field that oscillates from positive to negative, generating a superficial heating of the skin and in the adipose tissue of the deepest part of the skin. This technique allows to treat cellulite, as well as facial laxity and other areas. In addition, this heating favors:

– Lymphatic drainage: decreases liquids and toxins found in adipocytes.

– Increased circulation in the area: improves the metabolism of subcutaneous fatty tissue and the appearance of the skin.

– Formation of new collagen: makes the whole tissue firmer.

– Fibroblast migration: further strengthens the collagen structure.

The number of sessions required is between four and six for facial treatment and between six and ten for body treatment.

Botox treatment

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the frontal muscle area, which causes the active muscles to become passive and, thus, wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet”, frontal wrinkles and flaccid neck cords disappear in four or five days.

This treatment does not cause any allergy problems, not even with the most sensitive skins. It is 100% effective.

Anti-dark circles treatment

The new Redensity II Eyes technique combines a hyaluronic acid gel to fill dark circles under the eyes with a dermostructuring composition to give more elasticity to the area under the eyelid and thus improve its appearance.


It is a treatment that consists of applying ultrasound in specific areas to eliminate localized fat.