Eye Rejuvenation with Silhouette Threads and Thermage

The rejuvenation of the eyes is achieved with the repositioning of the eyebrows and upper eyelids through a combined technique with Silhouette Threads + Thermage.

Thermage Eyes

Collagen is a protein that has the anatomical function of determining the plasticity and elasticity to the skin, it is formed by a three-dimensional set of fibrils of very small diameter and each fibril has a helical structure that ensures elasticity. That is, each one can stretch and then return to its origin.

Over time, the force of gravity causes a slow elongation of the collagen fibers and results in a lax and sagging skin.

Against this is Thermage, which is applied in a single session: the heating of the tissue at a temperature of 55°C produces an immediate contraction, remodeling and constant and progressive tightening of the collagen of the eyelid skin. Thermage reduces the excess skin of the upper eyelids.

Silhoutte threads

These are threads with bidirectional cones of polylactic acid that produce a progressive increase in collagen remodeling that enhances the mechanical traction generated by the cones, lifting the tissues and preventing the sagging process.

A small puncture is made after local anesthesia and the thread is introduced with a fine needle inside the skin. By means of the traction of the cones, they are anchored allowing to tighten and lift the eyebrow.

The tension is achieved thanks to the two cone vectors in the opposite direction. Thus, the Silhouette threads cause the eyebrows to lift.

Combined treatment

The combined treatment of Thermage with Silhouette Threads does not require convalescence and allows immediate return to normal life. The effects achieved are maintained for more than 12 months. It is the ideal treatment to achieve a brow lift with more open eyes and a brighter look without surgery.