A problem of everyday life: my partner has been unfaithful

There are various formulas to choose to formalize a couple’s relationship. In any case, living together implies accepting limits freely agreed upon by both partners. Each couple is different and gives a different value to the terms of their agreement.

At some point it could happen that one finds out, or one’s partner informs him/her of some remote, recent, isolated, recurrent, important or banal infidelity. This helps to differentiate the significance of the infidelity.

Regardless of the type of agreement assumed by the couple, infidelity often deeply affects the stability of the relationship and trust can be broken.

Being informed of your partner’s infidelity is a painful shock with reality, which leads us to question the meaning of the chosen cohabitation project.

If your discomfort and the conflict that this issue has caused you cannot be solved through dialogue with your partner, I suggest that you seek psychotherapeutic help. Through it you will find a way to understand what is happening to you and prevent the pain and reproaches from further deteriorating your relationship.

By also analyzing other issues surrounding this discomfort, you will be able to decide more freely and rationally any decision you may have to make about this matter.

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