You are already your master, now it’s time to wake him up…

In the depths of the human being there is the lost paradise, the state of plenitude that could be similar to what we call happiness, yes, the philosopher’s stone lives inside us, but life and our culture have insisted in making us believe that happiness depends on everything around us, what a great lie and what a loss of opportunities this way of conceiving the world represents. It is confused with something that perhaps others can have, but not me, when in reality it is something we can all have access to.

What an old paradigm, how tiresome to live as victims of everything that happens to us. It is time to make a cut of sleeves to all the lies that have been put in our heads and we have made ours, it is to say no to having to follow a pattern, it is to say no to the I must above what I feel and it is to reveal against what others believe is best for me, to decide for yourself how you want to live your life.

Being authentic with oneself implies a conscious exercise that involves starting to ask oneself: who am I and what are my real needs, what is in me that prevents me from experiencing that feeling of wellbeing. It is about moving from the outside to the inside. If we stay outside, we start to engage in neurotic behaviors such as I have to change my car, job, partner, family, friends in order to be happy… And it turns out that the changes that respond to something inauthentic, bring a momentary high that lasts for a specific time to return, after months to be like at the beginning… What is happening? Perhaps we are projecting our frustrations on the outside, since we have been educated to be politically correct and good at mathematics and not to take loving responsibility for ourselves.

We have been inflated with concepts that are far from our true essence, such as earn a lot, get married, etc. Actions that are good for many but not for all and it seems that if we do not follow a protocol we may be seen as non gratos. And there we are all building a life that satisfies the environment but does it satisfy you? We are the only generators of our reality and if you fall into the fallacy that everything depends on the external you annul yourself, you limit yourself and put more sticks in the wheel to be able to experience true fulfillment.

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There are many keys and many entrance doors to reconcile with ourselves and reach the deepest part of ourselves, but there are two that are a sine qua non condition: to be loving and sincere with yourself, since it is not possible to give to others what you have not awakened in yourself. To be sincere with yourself is an exercise that requires skill and courage. Always comes the voice of our main enemy, our own ego, ready to play tricks on us that a priori makes you feel good “it’s the other’s fault, I have done everything or almost everything right” and in the short term, you raise the lapels of your shirt, stick out your chest and feel great… But luckily life is wiser than ourselves and we start to pay the consequences of our ego; I feel sad or anxious and I don’t know why… Maybe you have let vital opportunities slip away because you have not followed the path of truth and love and have anchored yourself in ego and fear. If you are like this, check yourself, do you treat yourself with love, are you honest with yourself…? The truth will set you free. And if you see that you alone do not have the tools to get out, start with the humility to ask for help. To date, we have not been educated for it, but we are born with all the potential, why not awaken it? Let us become the main models for us, our children. The real social change goes through individual change. And before closing, analyze; how much love have you given and how much have you received? Because when we die this is the only thing we take with us.