4 treatments to achieve a rejuvenated face

Facial rejuvenation treatments are increasingly requested in centers, since great results can be achieved in a natural way with minimally invasive techniques. In this article, Dr. Vanesa Guerrero Granados, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, tells us about the main treatments that exist to rejuvenate the face and what results can be expected.

Doctor, what is facial rejuvenation?

It is the concept of returning to the physical appearance of the face a more youthful image, improving some signs that appear with the passage of time such as loss of volume, flaccidity, spots or expression wrinkles.

What techniques or treatments are available to carry it out? Is surgery necessary?

Nowadays there are many treatments in Aesthetic Medicine that can improve the physical appearance or improve the signs of aging without the need for surgery.

For example, for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles, we use botulinum toxin, a neuromodulator drug that relaxes the muscles that produce these expression wrinkles. For the replacement or increase of volume we use hyaluronic acid, an injectable material with the ability to capture water and provide volume in the areas to be treated. For flaccidity, we use either injectable tensor treatments, collagen stimulators such as polylactic acid or tensor threads.

To improve the external appearance of the skin, blemishes, loss of elasticity or hydration, laser treatments, mesotherapy, chemical acids or radiofrequency, among others, can be performed.

What kind of results can be obtained? Are they noticeable for the patient?

Depending on the treatment performed, the result will be one or the other. In the case of botulinum toxin, the result will be less marked expression wrinkles and a more relaxed appearance of the upper third of the face.

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In the case of hyaluronic acid, the effect will be to replenish or increase volume in areas such as the cheekbone, eyebrows or lip. And in the case of tightening treatments, the result will be similar to a facelift, a lifting of the structures or areas that have sagged over time and a smoother and firmer skin.

What are the latest advances in this area?

Aesthetic medicine has advanced and continues to advance a lot in recent years to achieve anti-aging treatments, with minimal risks and excellent results in terms of quality and duration of the same. One of the latest advances in tightening treatments, for example, are the new generations of threads that currently incorporate around the thread a mesh created with collagen stimulating materials, thus achieving a greater tension and adhesion effect to the tissue and a longer duration of the treatment due to the stimulation of our own collagen.

Is there a paradigm shift among patients who request this treatment?

A few years ago, mainly women over the age of 50 years used to come to Aesthetic Medicine offices for anti-aging treatments with the aim of treating the effects and visible signs of aging. Today, patients of all ages, and not only women, but also many men, come to treat the effects already produced by the passage of time, but also, and increasingly, to prevent or delay the appearance of the same, with the intention not only to improve the signs of aging, but also to save on other more expensive treatments in the future.