Cirujanos Asociados de Barcelona, exceeds 4,500 surgeries in one year

Last year 2013, the group of surgeons associated with Barcelona Quirurgica and member of Top Doctors centers of excellence, performed a total of 4,669 surgical interventions. Quirúrgica thus reaffirms its potential position as a reference surgery service in Barcelona, performing as many surgical interventions in the coloproctological, hepato-biliary and endocrine areas as some of the … Read more

Quirón Valencia performs free dental check-ups for the children of the Casa de la Caridad de Torrent

Dental check-ups are extremely important for our oral health. Everyone should have these checkups and it should start from childhood. In the Dentistry and Orthodontics Unit of Hospital Quirón Valencia they know this and for this reason they have carried out free dental check-ups for the children in the Casa de la Caridad de Torrent. … Read more

IVF Patrol, an insurance for your fertility treatment

IVF Patrol is an electronic security system that guarantees the identification of the samples during the assisted reproduction process. In this way, all the guarantees are achieved and there is no confusion during the process. The experts at Ginefiv explain what it consists of and its advantages. In order to guarantee that the sample is … Read more

The only APP that combines medical pre-diagnosis, private chat and videoconsultation with the best doctors in private health care

The Top Doctors App accompanies the patient from the first symptoms until the appointment is closed, for any medical specialty, for any insurance and for those who want to go privately. The Top Doctors App has become the most comprehensive on the market, the only one that puts patients in direct contact with the best … Read more

I National Congress of Aesthetic, Functional and Regenerative Gynecology of the AEEM

Interview with Dr. Juan José Escribano Tórtola, Coordinator of the Aesthetic-Functional Gynecology and Cosmetic Genital Surgery Group of the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM) on the First National Congress of Aesthetic, Functional and Regenerative Gynecology. The woman of the 21st century is completely different from that of previous eras. More intellectually active, … Read more