Early detection of Macular Degeneration in pharmacies in Catalonia

Thanks to the itinerant campaign “Live to see”, people over 50 years of age can have a check-up for early detection of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) completely free of charge. This is an initiative of the Institut de la Màcula, a member of Top Doctors, together with Ecoceutics Pharmacies to prevent the visual deterioration resulting from AMD, which offers totally free screenings in different pharmacies throughout Catalonia with the aim of raising awareness of this disease and encouraging regular preventive check-ups.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration is a genetic disease that causes vision loss leading to total blindness. Ophthalmologists specialists assure that early detection and appropriate treatment are necessary to stop the deterioration of sight.

For this reason, the Ecoceutics Pharmacy network offers screenings, a non-invasive and painless diagnostic test, in its pharmacies. On April 14 and 15, the Vilà pharmacy in Viladecans (Av. Molí, 37) is offering this diagnostic test, carried out by a team of optometrists from the Institut de la Macula. Any adult over the age of 50 interested in having this check-up should contact the pharmacy.

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