What exactly is CAD-CAM smile design?

CAD-CAM smile design mainly consists of designing the smile by computer and printing or milling using 3D printers.

How is CAD-CAM smile design performed?

The smile is designed on the computer after scanning the mouth and taking photos and video of the shape of the face and mouth, to choose the perfect smile for each person and each face. An important part of this treatment is that you will be able to see how the smile will look like before starting treatment.

In which cases is CAD-CAM design indicated?

CAD-CAM smile design is indicated in cases where the patient wants to rehabilitate his or her mouth or wants to change its aesthetics and/or functionality.

What are the benefits of CAD-CAM smile design?

The design is precise to your facial features, your mouth and your occlusion, since the intraoral scan is very accurate. The milling or impression of the veneers, crowns or prostheses have a millimetric precision that will help to its correct adaptation, functionality and aesthetics.

What care should the patient follow after the CAD-CAM design?

It is very easy to carry out since, thanks to the precision, numerous appointments and intermediate steps can be saved with respect to the traditional technique. It will only require proper hygiene, like the rest of your mouth.

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For more information, consult a dentist or odontologist.