Benefits of Vitamin C in cancer treatment

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in our body for the synthesis of collagen, carnitine and certain neurotransmitters. Its lack or deficit interferes with the synthesis of collagen and tissue oxidation, the formation of catecholamines (substances that are released into the blood in stressful situations, such as adrenaline), the metabolism of prostaglandins (substances related to inflammation, blood pressure and blood clotting) and cellular immunity. Thus, it plays a fundamental role in immunity, inflammation and connective tissue structure.

Vitamin C deficiency in cancer patients

Cancer patients have deficient vitamin C levels because the disease itself generates an increase in oxidative stress and inflammation, which increase the consumption of vitamin C by cells. In turn, vitamin C deficiency favors the perpetuation of inflammation and oxidation, in a vicious circle of cancer development and progression.

How to provide vitamin C to cancer patients

Intravenous administration of vitamin C reduces the processes related to inflammation and oxidative stress and improves the quality of life of patients, who show a substantial improvement in some of their symptoms, as well as an antitumor or prooxidant effect in high doses (as opposed to oral administration, which cannot absorb more than 3 grams and has an antioxidant effect). For these reasons, in addition to the few adverse effects it can generate and the excellent tolerance to treatment, the administration of intravenous vitamin C in high doses is considered a safe and effective adjuvant treatment for treating patients with advanced oncological disease. Experience with patients shows that the continued administration of intravenous vitamin C over time with varying frequencies depending on the evolution of each patient, improves quality of life, symptom control, survival and antitumor response.

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Complementary treatments for cancer

Institut Khuab is a pioneering center in the administration of intravenous vitamin C for cancer patients. Thus, they have extensive experience in the indications for treatment, dosage, combinations with other treatments, possible pharmacological interferences and synergies with chemotherapy, as well as possible side effects and how to prevent them. In the last seven years more than 500 patients have been treated and more than 8000 treatments have been performed in Khuab, which endorses them as the most expert professionals in Barcelona in this treatment for cancer patients.